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Includes such greats as: The French Revolution, Black Death, Declaration of Independence, Womens Rights.
Mission US
A free interactive game about the revolutionary war.

This is my wife's website and has a number of good links for both world history and world geography.
Mrs. Leonard's World

Reading Quest logoThis website has a number of useful strategies and tools for reading comprehension in the Social Studies content area.

Civil War History Frame

Blank History Frame
(Graphic Organizer)

World War II

idebate logo
This website has a number of resources. It is a database of different debate ideas organized into broad catergories. Once you select your topic there are a number of points for and against listed. There is also a bibliography with links to available documents.
Docs Teach Logo - National is an education website developed by the National Archives where teachers can access primary sources and classroom activities based on those sources. This is a PDF list of resources linked with the Common Core Standards 6-12.

BBC logo
This site has information on a number of ethical issues from lying to female circumcision. A lot of good reading material.
This site has information on a number of world religions. A great resource to find information and explanations of different religions.
This history site is focused mainly on Britain but has some good information sources. There are a number of video links as well but these are only available in the UK.
EconstoriesEconstories has a number of  mini documentaries using movies to explain economic concepts. Entertaining and educational at the same time.

Primary Source Documents:
Education Place - Houghton MifflinThis site has links to various primary source document resources.
California State University: San Marcos - This is the library site for the university and has links to a large number of primary source documents separated by regions.
Yale Law School: Lillian Goldman Law Library This site has links to a large number of primary source documents arranged by time periods.
National ArchivesThis is the National Archives site and has links to lessons on teaching with primary source documents.

Digital HistoryThis site has US History primary source documents.