This site has all sorts of math lessons and cool math games.
This website has some great multiplication games and there is also a free game you can download.
Academic Skill Builders
This site has some great interactive games for all four math operations. It also has some language arts games.

Math Playground This website has math games, word problems and how to solve problems videos.
Number and Operations
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Data Analysis


Sumdog logoA fun new website with number and operations games for 9-13 year olds.

This website has a number of printable math games for grades K - 5.
This website gives definitions and examples of math terms for grades K - 12. Just click on the grade you want and then click on the word you want.
Kahn AcademyThe Kahn Academy is a nonprofit website that allows you to take a huge variety of math lessons with a video explaining each concept and practice activities that you complete. You do not move on in the concepts until you have completed 10 problems correctly. The website will also keep track of your progress. This can be a great tool for a teacher in the classroom.
You can also watch a TED talk by the creator about the site here.

IXLThese two websites provide both printable activities and online activities for math. The Math Teachers assistant creates new worksheets every time by putting in new numbers. A great resource.
MathTV.comThis website has a range of videos showing how to solve math problems from basic mathematics through to calculus and logarithmic derivatives

Math Word Porblems:
The Leaky Faucet - Measurement

Math Foldables: This website has templates for math foldables such as a fractions or factors and multiples mini book.
Numberphile - videos about numbers