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St Joseph's Whakatane

Acid XpressAcid Xpress - Acid XPress is loop-based music software for creating and mixing music scores, suitable for upper primary and above.
With ACID software students can create original recordings/songs from music and sound loops, record instruments and vocals, remix tracks, embed soundtracks into video footage, and create music for websites and Flash animations. Acid XPress is the free version and doesn't include all the samples (music loops) from the full version, but eight free music loops can be downloaded each week to get you started. Teachers can use this software within music instruction to teach the concepts of beat, rhythm, pitch and tone.

FreeMind - Similar to Inspiration this is a mindmapping tool that allows you to brainstorm on the computer.

Home PlanetA great program that allows you to look at the night sky, the moon, Earth, and other bodies within the Solar System.

Made with NvuThis program is a great website development tool. Similar to Dreamweaver.

SchoolHouse TechnologiesSchool House Technologies - This website has a number of programs that you can download, however if you want to make worksheets for basic facts (math) then they have a free program that you can download that is great.

Eclipse Corssword EclipseCrossword is a simple and easy way to create crossword puzzles; and with straightforward onscreen instructions it is suitable for year 3 and above.
This free software allows students to create and print their crosswords or publish an interactive version on the school website etc. Enter your words and clues then choose the crossword layout from the range provided. Teachers, create your own theme-based crosswords for your classroom or let your students create their own.

AudacityAudacity is an easy to use audio production and mixing program, which enables students to record, import, edit, and add effects to sound files.

Useful Tools

Free Educational Software

ArtRageThis program is a great drawing tool similar to Paint but more realistic.

Crocodile Clips
Technology simulation software for learning the basics of electricity at middle to upper primary level.
Crocodile Clips Elementary software helps with teaching the basic principles of electrical circuits. Worksheets introducing electric current and circuits are included within the workspace. The main features of the software are the pictorial components, which students can use to build their own circuits, adding text and images as they go. Students can simulate real-life electrical experiments without the safety risk or cost associated with hands-on experimentation. The software fits into the science/physical world curriculum levels 2–5.
The website does require registration.