Cool Tools 

Online stopwatch - download to run on any computer - you can even run it from a flash drive. Great for timed activities in the classroom.

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This a great program for editing pictures. It is free to download and has been compared to Photoshop. I like to use it in conjunction with Smartboard software to capture images off the net if they are flash images and you can't copy them. Another way is to print the screen but select the adobe printer and when it opens an adobe file use the snapshot feature of adobe reader to copy the image.

Online calculator - great for using with a Smartboard during lessons. From the same website as the online stopwatch. It even has an abacus you can use.

Montage-a-Google:This is a fun website where you can use Google images to create a montage. You enter a search term and Google searches for twenty images to put in your montage. The example shown here is a search for reading and math.
ExploratreeThis website is free to join and has a number of thinking maps that can be filled in online.

Classroom Architect is the ideal website for the OCD teacher. It offers the opportunity to map out your classroom and develop a birds eye view of the class. One teacher remarked that it will be great for developing a seating chart for subs.
Kathy Schrocks Guide to EverythingThis is a great website with lots of useful resources and links for educators to use. One of my personal favourites is "Bloomin' Apps" which has different Web 2.0 applications grouped according to Bloom's Taxonomy. There are also some great assessment guides and links.